What is the main motive of a teacher using the aid of discussion for teaching a particular topic in an EVS class?

Answer: (b)

Under the indicator of analysing, a child can predict and make hypotheses about different situations. If a child, before starting any activity, can predict and make hypothesis, then he is said to be good in his analysing powers.

Which of the following is a limitation of the discussion method?

Answer: (b)

In the discussion methods sometimes, all students do not participate. Therefore, it provides a safe space to less active students.

Role-play activities help in

Answer: (c)

By organising activities such as role-play, teachers ensure active participation of students that will foster a high level of energy and enthusiasm in the learning environment.

Which of the following is the most appropriate learning experience to develop sensitivity to the issue of ‘un-touchability’ in students at the primary stage?

Answer: (c)

Discussions stimulate critical thinking. While discussing news on the issue of un-touchability, a teacher gives chance to students to think deeply and develop sensitivity on that issue and express their ideas clearly.

The first step of a good discussion is

Answer: (a)

The first step of an effective discussion is to prepare for the topic to be discussed. For this, a number of resources can be used, such as encyclopedia, books, newspapers, yearbooks, magazines and journals.

Which of the following learning experiences will be more effective in making students aware of problems of discrimination in a society on the basis of castes and gender?

Answer: (d)

Students will get more exposure to the problems in a society through project work. Project work will provide students with the opportunity to explore and observe the present conditions of the society.

Which of the following is the best technique to teach the concept of ‘seed germination’ to the students?

Answer: (c)

The learning process in science can be done best through performing activities, observing and analysing the results. Seed germination is a process in which seeds grow into a plant by passing through stages. So, seed germination can be taught best by asking the students to perform an activity of sowing seeds, observing different stages and drawing them.

Orientation involves creating a suitable environment for a group discussion. With regards to this, which of the following must an EVS teacher not follow?

Answer: (c)

Teachers need to prepare and maintain a proper time schedule for an effective discussion session to take place.

Which of the following techniques is the best to introduce the topic on ‘travel’ in a class?

Answer: (d)

Among the given techniques, asking students about their mode of travelling to school daily is the best method to introduce the topic on ‘travel’. A student can understand a topic better when it is introduced through examples from real life. This will help the students to understand and memorise the topic in a better way.

In order to strengthen the learning, which is an essential part of any discussion, Mr. Smith, an EVS teacher, should encourage his students to do the following, except

Answer: (b)

Mr. Smith should encourage his students to read purposefully and receptively so that they can understand the meaning and intent better, which is important for a discussion.